School Year 2016 - 2017

Instructions: If you have more than six (6) students or more than eight (8) people in your household (including students),
you must fill out a paper application. Paper applications are available at the front office of your child's school as well as the
Healthy Meals Application Center.


Food and Nutrition Services

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Viera, FL 32940

(321)633-1000 ext 642


When filling out this application click on the Instructions Button in each section for detailed instructions. If you still have
questions, please contact the Healthy Meals Express Application Center by phone.


If you are applying for a child that is homeless, migrant or
runaway please check the appropriate box.

If you have a SNAP or TANF case number please enter the number here:

Previous App
or Status

PART 1. Homeless, Migrant and Runaway Children

Click below
to populate
student ID

Please note a valid case number contains only 10 digits and begins with 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15EX. 1200305555

PART 2. SNAP/TANF (Formerly Food Stamps)

Student ID

Date of Birth

PART 3. Student Information (Parents must fill out a paper application if there are more than six(6) students in the household)



First Name

Last Name








An adult household member must sign the application. If Part 4 is completed, the adult signing the form must also list
the last four (4) digits of his or her Social Security Number or mark the “I do not have a Social Security Number” box.

Guardian SSN (last 4 digits)

PART 4. Guardian Information

PART 5. Total Household Income from last month (You must list ALL INCOME to qualify)

If there are more than eight(8) people in the household you must use a paper application.

Total Number of Household Members

List everyone in the
household including
students listed above.

List your income and how often it is received.

if no

(W)= Weekly(B)= Biweekly(T)= Twice a Month(M)= Monthly(Y)Yearly

Earning from Work
before deductions

Welfare, Child
Support, Alimony

Social Security,
Pension, Retirement

Other Income.

First Name

Last Name

Only season, migrant, or self-employed families are permitted to report annual income

Florida KidCare - Many children who qualify for the free and reduced price school meal program also qualify for low cost or
free health insurance from KidCare. If interested, you may contact Florida KidCare at 1-888-540-5437, or by visiting their
website at:

CONFIDENTIALITY: School officials use the information on the application to decide if your child should receive free or
reduced price meals. We may inform officials connected with other child nutrition, education, health, and health insurance
programs of the information on your form to determine benefits for those programs or for funding and/or evaluation purposes.

I DO NOT WANTthis application used in determining other benefits for my child.

PART 6. Digital Signature and compliance affirmations.


I certify (promise) that all information on this application is true and that all income is reported. I understand
that the school will get Federal funds based on the information I give. I understand that school officials may
verify (check) the information. I understand that if I purposely give false information, my children may lose
meal benefits, and I may be prosecuted.

By my electronic submission of this application I verify my understanding/agreement with the above
statement and all USDA and the State of Florida Guidelines regarding the Free and Reduced School Lunch

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